Single-use plastic and the general overuse of plastic has always been a concern for us. Encouraging people to stay hydrated and healthy, is another. Reusable vessels is one way of helping to abrogate the negative aspects of our daily lives when it comes to the climate and our health. It is essentially just a meaningful step in doing our part to reduce overzealous plastic consumption and in doing so, help to protect the environment and our health for this and future generations. 


In contributing to these causes, we are also helping to solve another problem for many, portability – transporting your preferred drink, warm or cold, big or small, plain or striking. You can choose the vessel you want – whether it be an insulated mug, flask, soup cup or water bottle. We source and offer you high quality vessels, and where possible, made from recyclable materials and/or from a sustainable source.


We have a long term commitment to keep improving our product offerings as we continue to help you and your friends and family keep hydrated throughout the day. We are also devoted to doing our part for the environment, and by supporting us, you will be doing yours. Together we can make a difference for the environment, our health and indeed our world! 

Please contact us with all your questions, comments or suggestions.